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5 Step Future Proofing Process:
Key to Unlocking Future Success

We believe that at the core of every organization is its culture. How you strategically create and foster that core culture is what will ensure your organization’s ready-stance to adapt and change to challenges as they present themselves.


We examine all the inner workings of your agency as well as the needs of your key stakeholders. 

All FutureProofing.Today Assessment includes: 
  • Future Strong Assessment Tool for the entire team 
  • One-on-on interviews with Agency Leaders
  • One-on-one interviews with CSRS
  • One-on-one interviews with Producers
  • Group interview with all Team Members 



Your agency will receive an overall diagnosis and proposed strategy based on your culture assessment, including:

  • Personalized reports for all team members that participated in the Future Strong Assessment
  • Team Summary Report for the results of the Future Strong Assessment
  • Outline of all pain points, barriers, obstacles, or gaps identified in the auditing process
  • Outline of solutions to address all identified gaps in the Future Proofing auditing process
  • Outline of a proposed strategy to implement proposed solutions.



We work with you through the entire process, ensuring that you are maximizing the intended strategy to its fullest, and mindfully navigating the unexpected, including:

  • Weekly progress reporting with Future Proofing Agent, and Agency Lead
  • An on-site team workshop to review and analyze Future Strong Assessment Results
  • Daily – Weekly consultations with designated team members
  • Administer designated training solutions 



Touch-points. Our team will monitor the entire progress of the agreed-upon plan and outline the tangible successes gained by recognizing the impact of action and change, including:

  • Monthly progress reporting outlining the impact of the Future Proofing process. 
  • Success stories from team members
  • New revenue production
  • Identified future opportunities



Our team will ensure that your agency is fully equipped to conquer the future, even after our time together comes to an end.