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Sales Management

We will examine your sales management process, then strategically align your agency with what’s working and address what’s not.

Our Sales Management Solutions

We understand how to create activity and results-driven producers and agencies. Our 6 month sales management strategy not only focuses on setting and hitting monthly sales goals, but allows for personal development and effective tracking and accountability along the way.


Having great producers who understand not only the technical component of the business, but possess strong sales acumen as well is an essential part of a successful future-ready agency. Even the best of the best need to lean on tools and resources to drive the sale home. FutureProofing.Today can provide you with tools such as Training Workbooks, Sales Scripts, Marketing Materials and Customized Assessments.


Not everyone can be great at everything, and sales in particular is comprised of a complex set of skills that when not cultivated, can create barriers to success. From coaching to eLearning, we can provide your agency with a variety of training on such topics as Prospecting, Handling Objections, Closing the Sale, Cross-Selling, Pipeline Management, Relationship Selling, Communication Skills, Speaking with Influence, and many more.

Temporary Management

Envisioning a sales strategy for your agency is one thing, implementing that strategy and maintaining a strong sales team empowered for success is another. Allow us to temporarily step in to assess your agency’s sales efforts, including producer capabilities, pipeline management and industry opportunities and we’ll re-engineer your sales operations to re-align team efforts while at the same time impacting your sales results.


Utilizing the Future Proof Portal, your agency can track producer activities and results just-in-time, as well as manage sales goals and expectations.