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5 Future Strong Behaviors

Based on the research provided by author Bill Jensen’s book Future Strong, we have determined the 5 Future Strong behaviors that organizations need to focus on to develop a working culture that fosters powerhouse teams of self aware, passionate, calculated risk-taking, loyal, and supportive people.

Self Awareness

How well do you know what makes you, you? How well do you know your teams?  When team members are enabled to make choices and act from a place of knowing themselves, they are provided with confidence and a solid foundation for personal agility - the ability to change, adapt, unlearn/learn, and reimagine everything in a highly disruptive world. 

Passion & Drive

It's important that our team members ignite their own future, as well as the futures of their teammates! Team members should easily be able to identify their true passions and their everyday actions should reflect those passions.  

Trust & Risk

Ultimately, risk-taking and innovation are about embracing being vulnerable – exploring the unknown; possibly failing, and trying again. Your team should understand the value of allowing themselves to be vulnerable and feel enabled to take risks where appropriately necessary.

Sacrifice & Grit

Anything worthwhile means enduring some hardships. Yet too many of us make sacrifices that undermine our own futures and in turn may undermine the future success of those around us and who we work for.  Are your team members choosing targeted hardships/sacrifices that support their passions, and are selected to help achieve their dreams and goals? 

Agile Teamwork

Strong, resilient, cohesive, caring, and effective relationships do more than work together wonderfully. Your team must build and maintain relationships and a support system where they have each other’s backs — no matter what; allowing them to be ready for any disruptive future.