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Elaine Newman

Founder and CEO

The dynamic, solutions-driven founder of Global Learning and FutureProofing.Today, Elaine Newman has benefited from more than 25 years of global experience working for and with many of North America’s leading Fortune 500 employers. As part of her instrumental role in launching initial sales for Xerox Business Services in Canada, Elaine developed business cases that improved her clients’ income statements and balance sheets through Facilities Management and Outsourcing strategies. Elaine founded The Global Learning Group of Companies in 2004 and subsequently FutureProofing.Today in 2015. The Global Learning Group of Companies is a strategic consulting and learning company specializing in leadership and talent development including diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and cultural intelligence.

Michael Mastroddi

Director, Branding & Communications

Michael Mastroddi is known as the unconventional piece to the puzzle that makes up our team here at Global Learning and FutureProofing.Today. Having spent over 15 years wearing many hats in the theater and film industry (literally and figuratively), he developed a keen eye for understanding emotional intelligence as it relates to an audience. With this understanding and along with his husband, Michael founded the boutique marketing, communications and development firm, Propeller Tail Media, which cares for the digital marketing and social media needs of small businesses. He is thrilled to be working with both the Global Learning Group of Companies and their new subdivision FutureProofing.Today as the Director of Branding and Communications. A native Long Islander, Michael studied at the University of Cincinnati’s prestigious College Conservatory of Music, and currently works / resides in New York City.

Jessica Prentice

Director, Operations & Client Services

Our Director of Operations and Client Services, Jessica Prentice has over 11 years of client relationship experience. She holds both Business and Hospitality Management degrees and has an extensive background in customer service along with event and sales planning. Her passion for diversity and inclusion and cultural perspectives is a true asset in her interaction with our clients. Jessica plays a critical role within the Global Learning Group of Companies by ensuring that we continuously exceed our clients’ expectations.