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Training Solutions

From one on one coaching, to eLearning for the entire agency, we can take care of all your training needs that are identified in the Future Proofing auditing process.

Our Training Solutions

Whether it be sales, management, development, or diversity, we provide a
variety of training options that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

One-on-one Coaching

Whether it’s you as an agency owner, one of your producers, CSRs or another member of your team, we will coordinate a series of one-on-one meetings to identify gaps in the necessary skill set, create the strategy and approach needed to address those gaps and provide coaching and training to ensure that the team is maximizing opportunity to the fullest.


Our parent organization, Global Learning, is an eLearning pioneer creating interactive web-based courses since 1999. Our team of instructional designers, translators, programmers and subject-matter experts can work with your organization to create engaging and relevant online courses to be (conducted live or hosted on a LMS), to your exact specifications or customize our library of off-the-shelf courses to include branding and content to match your agency look and feel.


We offer a variety of workshops that can be easily presented virtually to one or many of your team members via our web-meeting portal.

On-site Teambuilding

We offer a robust catalog of sales, skills and teambuilding workshops. These programs are offered in Two Hour, Half-Day, or One-Three Day Sessions.