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Future Proof Portal
and Webportal Customization

Gain access to the Future Proof Portal or have us
develop a customized webportal for your agency.

Future Proof Portal 

Laptop with FutureProofing.Today Logo on the screenKeeping track of your agency’s sales and management functions can often be overwhelming! Who is responsible for making sure this task is accomplished? What training is available to future proof your staff? Where can you find just-in-time information to help the agency succeed? How can you harness historical sales data to increase future profits? Imagine how much easier it would be to have all of that, and more, organized and at your fingertips by just walking through one door (or, portal, if you will).

The Future Proof Web Portal is a “one stop shop” where everyone from your agency can find the tools they need. Roles and permissions allow you to choose who sees what data from our extensive array of resources, including access to:

  • your agency’s own, up-to-date sales and revenue metrics in a straightforward, graphics-based Dashboard
  • editable and shareable Action Plans from internal, as well as client meetings which then feed an evergreen To-Do management list and automatic email reminders to both the person responsible for a task and his/her manager
  • summary client interactions that create reports for Stewardship Reviews
  • client management and sharing capabilities
  • registration and entry into our comprehensive catalogue of training Webinars
  • downloadable Sales Scripts and other valuable job aids
  • the Future Strong Assessment created in partnership with internationally-acclaimed change agent and author, Bill Jensen, and based on extensive research

Using the same security protocols as major banks, you can rest assured that your data is safe; and yet it’s conveniently accessed anywhere with an internet connection, giving your producers and CSRs exactly what they need, right in their clients’ offices.  


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Customized Webportal Development

Need a private yet online space for your teams or clients? We will create a customized online portal built to address your specific needs.


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