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What We Do

By examining the values, abilities, and commitment of people, leadership, and organizations as it applies to their preparedness and accountability in times of change, FutureProofing.Today creates the culture and capacity for businesses to be successful while facing a disruptive future. Just like with most physical workouts, it’s the core-training that offers you endurance and longevity. We believe that at the core of every organization is its culture. How you strategically examine and nurture that core culture is what will ensure your organization’s ready-stance to adapt and change to the challenges that present themselves.To address these challenges, we created the “Future360: Code to Hacking Future Success“ approach.

“Future360: Code to Hacking Future Success.“

Step 1 - Assess Cultures

Through consultation, open dialogue, and our assessment tools, we conduct a thorough needs assessment to identify your desired outcomes, and current state by exploring existing processes and procedures, gaps, and opportunities, resulting in a Future Strong rating.

Step 2 - Strategic Solutions

Based on the assessment and Future Strong rating, you are presented with a summary report which outlines the findings and a strategic plan on how to become Future Strong. Our solutions include process re-engineering, technology enhancements, training solutions, coaching, mentoring, and more.

Step 3 - Implement Strategy

Once we have finalized your strategic plan to Future Proof your organization and teams, we will work with you through the entire process, ensuring that you are maximizing the intended strategy to its fullest, and mindfully navigating the unexpected.

Step 4 - Monitor Impact

Touch-points. Our team will monitor the entire progress of the agreed-upon plan and outline the tangible successes gained by recognizing the impact of action and change.

Our services:


A robust array of high impact training programs centered on personal, career, and leadership development. Our classroom-style coaching and training sessions are geared toward future preparedness for individuals, teams, and organizations. 


Concise and thought provoking, our eLearning is scenario based, which provides the learner with context, decision points, and a take-away in 3 to 5 minutes of interactive web-based training.




Through these live, interactive and online sessions, a FutureProofing.Today leader will virtually connect with your team members to deliver training, facilitate think tanks, and more.


Drawing on our years of experience, our consultants will collaborate with your organization to fully understand your current and desired state, and empower you with the knowledge and tools to maximize your talent for true competitive advantage. 

Online Assessments

FutureProofing.Today offers several workplace, HR driven, online assessments with personalized reports, that are perfect for team leaders looking to tackle the “Future of Work”.

Our products:

Future Strong

As an individual, when preparing for the future, we must have a distinct picture of where we want to be in life, what drives us to get there, and if the choices we are making are the most beneficial. As a team leader, our workplaces and teams are composed of individuals who are each seeking their own desired futures, and who find themselves at varying stages of reaching their life’s goals. Managing such a variety of people is difficult, but it takes the proper tools and thinking to ensure success. What if you, as a team leader, could simultaneously assist each of your individual team members in reaching their personal goals, while at the same time solidifying your team’s future readiness in the workplace?  


Focus: Individuals, Teams, Organizations.
Services: Workshops, Assessments, Webinars, Consulting 


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Participants discover and assess the impact of the DiSC behaviour styles and learn to adapt/flex their individual style to improve teamwork and communication.

Focus: Individuals, Teams, Organizations.
Services: Workshops, Assessments, eLearning, Webinars, Consulting